Laser Cruising: a tale of Fisher folk

Here's a remarkable thing told me by Kim Fisher.

The Fishers own a Laser 16, Pisces. When I started the idea of plotting all our boats' locations on a Google Map, they told me theirs was on a mooring in the river at Deben Yacht Club. Not having a precise location, I plonked the icon on the grassy riverbank - actually in the wrong place, just along from their club (I have now repositioned it).

Imagine my amazement when Kim wrote:

    Many, many thanks for doing this for me and you are not going to believe what I found when I had a look at your Google Earth link!! You have put me on the shore (no problem) so I went and found my Laser 16's mooring in the river BUT my rowing dinghy was on the mooring. This meant the boat must be out sailing!! so I zoomed out a bit and, blow me, there is 'Pisces' SAILING just a 100m from the dinghy !!! I must have just left the mooring less than a minute before the picture was taken.

    This must be a Laser 16 world 1st - we are sailing on Google Earth !! Just in case they update the photos used, I took a screen dump, and enclose a wide shot and a zoomed in shot (you can even see the boat's wake leading back to my mooring!!).

And here are the photos. First an overview, with the Laser icon where I had wrongly placed it, and the location of the mooring:

location of Pisces

Then, the actual boat - sailing:

Pisces leaving mooring

Nothing to add really, except can anyone beat that?

© 2009 Gary Eason